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Learn to Skate USA

Sk8 Bay offers a full range of Learn to Skate USA group classes, taught by our knowledgeable instructors. Sessions run 6-7 weeks, with an evaluation day at the end of the session. Skaters who demonstrate the skills for their current level can advance to the next level beginning with the session (exceptions are at the discretion of the LTS Director).

  • Snowplow Sam (Ages 3-5)

    Learn basic balance and skating skills in a fun introductory class. Parents may join but must pay the membership fee for insurance purposes. Skaters who have passed Snowplow Sam 1 or who have previously taken skating lessons advance to Snowplow Sam 2 & 3, building off skills learned in Snowplow 1 and/or 2 to enhance balance and coordination in skating skills.

  • Basic Skills (Age 6-15)

    Learn the basic fundamentals of skating to begin hockey, figure skating, and recreational skating safety. Skaters who have passed Snowplow Sam 3 or Basic 1 advance to Basic 2-6 as they build skills from level to level.

  • Teen/Adult Learn to Skate (Age 15+)

    Teen and Adult classes are designed for learning fundamentals at your own pace and ability level.

  • Hockey and Power Skating

    Hockey 1-4: For skaters of any age who have passed Snowplow Sam 3 or Basic 1. Classes are designed to develop skating skills necessary for hockey. Skaters may wear full hockey gear. No stick use allowed. Skaters can advance through levels 2-4, developing more strength, quicker movements and stronger skating skills for game play.

    Power skating for Hockey: Power builds from the skills learned in Hockey 1-4 with more skating drills and edge work for quickness and strength.

  • Aspire
    Aspire program is an affordable bridge program for moving from learn to skate group classes to full U.S. figure skating membership. It offers introductions to advanced skating skills while building the skaters foundational skills in addition to off ice components such as strength, flexibility, goal setting and team building. Classes are varied between different disciplines such as jumps, spins, dance, showcase, and power. On ice classes are typically 30 minutes with a 20/25 minute off ice class immediately following.

    Skaters who successfully complete Aspire are encouraged to continue their skating development through Private Lessons with a Sk8 Bay Coach.

Our LTS USA Coaches

LTS Coaches are SafeSport trained

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